Professor Nickolay A.Bozhko

M Sc, Ph. D, D Sc Moscow M. Lomonosov State University. Geological Faculty.


I graduated from the Geological faculty of M. Lomonosov State University in 1959 and was involved in geological mapping of Paleozoic volcano-sedimentary complexes in Altay and Sayany Mountains. In 1961-1962 I worked in Iraqi Kurdistan carrying out geological mapping of 1: 200 000 within Zagros Range ( Suleymania sheet ). Since 1962 my work in Africa began. It included geological mapping of 1: 250 000 the territory of NW Ghana, composed of the Birrimian until 1964. During 1964-1966 I started investigations within the Voltain basin and Togo-Atakora Range. New stratigraphy of Voltain deposits was elaborated and their Riphean and Vendian age was proved on the basis of firstly obtained drilling data, findings of stromatolites and microfossils as well as age determinations of glauconite. At the same time , oil shows within Voltain rocks have been discovered. Practically, these were first proper oil shows findings in the Precambrian of Africa. In 1967-1968 I studied stratigraghy and tectonics of Ubendian belt and Bukoba basin in Tanzania as well as structure of rift zones and gold mineralization. My Ph.D. thesis in 1969 were Upper Precambrian of Western and Equatorial Africa. ( Stratigraphy and Tectonics) .In the same year I started teaching in the Geological Faculty of Moscow Lomonosov State university as the assistant of professor. Since 1971 and until now I have been working with my students in Baikal Mountains , mainly on the western bank of Baikal lake and the Northern part of the area. During these years essentially new data on stratigraphy, tectonics and metamorphism of Priolhonie, Kelyana-Irakinda, Muya and other regions of the Baikal area were obtained. Since 1995 I study geology, gold and emerald mineralization of granite-greenstone terrains in Zimbabwe craton. My D.Sc. thesis in 1981 was Upper Precambrian of Gondwana (Tectonic Analysis). I am the professor of the Moscow University since 1990. Except of regional geology, my scientific interests include such problems as rifting, tectonic asymmetry between Gondwana and Laurasia, paleotectonic reconstructions, tectono-thermal reworking, evolution of greenstone belts, Precambrian oil deposits and other aspects of mainly Precambrian geology.

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